Railroad Revitalization June Update

The Chenango Railroad Revitalization project began construction in March of this year and has been making steady progress in line with its construction schedule. Frontier Railroad Services began with brush cutting in early Spring and has since made repairs to significant problem-areas across the County.

Several washouts have been repaired. Where once the rail hung suspended between two separated rail beds, there is now an even, refilled, and reinforced surface much better prepared for future run-ins with flooding. Fresh ballast at washout sites attests to the progress being made across the line. Rotten ties have begun to be replaced, bringing the tracks back up to Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) standards. A number of culverts had also felt the impact of flooding in 2006 and 2011. Many of these have already been addressed, and are in better position to handle water flow than before. Newly repaired headwalls shore up formerly vulnerable areas, ensuring long term viability of the track rather than patch-work fixes that would leave the rail at the mercy of the next big storm.

The presence of some problematic beaver colonies notwithstanding, construction has thus far not been faced with any major hurdles. The work being done has been met with approval from the project engineers, the railroad, and the County of Chenango Industrial Development Agency (CCIDA). The CCIDA also appreciates the cooperation of Town and Village officials in assisting with road crossings and other issues requiring coordination between organizations.

Construction does not always proceed linearly, so Frontier Railroad Services employees and equipment may be spotted occasionally at any given location on the track from Earlville to Chenango Forks.

The anticipated project completion date is maintained at June 2017.

The Railroad Revitalization project was initiated by the CCIDA after flooding in 2006 rendered the line unusable.  In 2011, CCIDA was awarded New York State Department of Transportation funding in the amount of $772,000 towards the required repairs. That funding leveraged an additional $4.7 million from the federal Economic Development Administration. NYS&W, Chenango County, Development
Chenango Corporation, and CCIDA are supplying a total of more than $400,000 to complete the nonfederal match.

The County of Chenango Industrial Development Agency (IDA) is a public benefit corporation of the State of New York, established to provide financial and other incentives to firms expanding or locating in Chenango County. CCIDA is an integral part of the comprehensive economic growth and organizational structure of Chenango County.

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